Team engagement strategies for virtual teams [training]

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Join Elizabeth Harrin for a substantive live training workshop on team engagement strategies for working with virtual teams.

This training covers:
  • An overview of gamification in a project environment
  • How to drop simple gamification strategies into everyday use to boost engagement and participation in your project
  • 7 practical engagement strategies: tools, games and activities you can easily do for free to build a sense of team across the miles
  • Workbook with a detailed 'how to' guide to setting up two of those strategies + bonus 'watch over my shoulder' video
  • 2 other digital handouts/templates that you can use in your own team meeting settings to encourage everyone to take part and to create a sense of fun!

You'll get 7 new strategies for team building and introducing fun to your virtual workplace, as well as the knowledge to introduce gamification into the things you do every day.

Please allow 2 hours for the training (this includes time for Q&A at the end).

There will be a recording made available to delegates who sign up to attend but are unable to make it live on the day.

All the ebooks, templates, checklists and bundles are digital files.

I'm unable to provide technical help, due to the variation between different IT systems.

Training courses are provided via the Teachery platform. You will get an email with your login details. If you do not receive them, please get in touch and let me know - I will make sure you have access to the course materials.

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